Rangitaiki is a novel set in New Zealand written by Bob Lindsey and was published by Thames Productions in 2013.

Set in the Bay of Plenty, "Ragitaiki" is a family saga following the lives of three generations of the Raditch family.

Stefan Raditch departed from his native New Zealand in 1915 to join the Allied powers in World War I. He left as a callow youth aged nineteen - and returned four years later as a man. He settled in the Bay of Plenty, and started to tame the land on the Rangitaiki Plains. We follow the lives of three generations of the Raditch family, through their setbacks and their triumphs, through their lives, their losses and their loves.

Victoria is the Chatelaine of the homestead, a rich dairy farm carved out from the Rangitaiki Plains. Her life, her indomitable spirit and her influence endures from cover to cover.

"Rangitaiki" is like life itself - it encompasses both light and dark, and embraces the extremes of both the raw and the sensitive. The story unfolds over 620 pages.